unit 3 topic A digital moving production

music video

The narrative of this video is stop motion animation. The background is very dynamic and changes to create the story. In the foreground there is a girl, the main character that interacts with the background as the film progresses

The background animation is created by using various coloured jelly beans. The jelly beans create images and morph through a series of events to show the four seasons and significant dates within the seasons such as Halloween and bonfire night in autumn.

I think the video is aimed at young girls, with a target audience from 7 years to young teenagers. The fast pace, chopping and changing images can make it very annoying to watch by an older audience. The pace of the video is very fast moving and has amusing popular culture references to children’s films such as two birds fluttering around, landing on the girls hand, the birds carrying the singing girl by her shoulders, similar to a scenes in Disney fairy tale films like Cinderella or with a ‘princess’.

For example at the opening of the video the audience see a woodland area which makes it feel like it is a fairy tale story and also when the singer bites an apple and eats a Caterpillar and burps up a butter fly. This is like a scene from snow white.

The genre of this video is happy because they use bright and colourful images that fit with the uplifting song and lyrics. The agenda of the video is aimed at girls because of the colours and the fairy tale theme that has been used. The ethnicity is aimed at people who can speak English.


The appeal of this advert is beauty because L’Oreal wants to show their new product which will emphasize the eyes on the face, and therefore anyone using the product will also have gorgeous eyes, making them bolder and more attractive.

The target audience is aimed at young twenties to teenage girls and their insecurity about their looks and appeal to others. The giant pink cat and a panda head has been added to the advert to make it attractive and eye catching to a teenager and youthful audience.  This would also attract independent teenagers that want to look different to other people, be different and standout from the crowd.

In the  advert the model had spoken in a formal language so it can help attract your attention ad make the message easier to understand, for example the model says “My eyes feel manga all ready”.  The advert has also used celebrity endorsement, this encourages girls to buy the product so they to can look like the “celeb”.

The narrative in the advert is thicker eye lashes which gives you “manga eyes”, the attraction of Manga eyes is large wide eyed, slightly vulnerable and attractive.  In the advert the model directly addresses the audience which attracts your attention so you want to buy the product.

news report

This video is about how serious the Ebola disease is and how doctors are finding a cure to treat it to prevent any further out breaks. This video also tells you how the doctors have prevented the disease from spreading any further.

here is my quick time video

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