unit 3 topic B.1 Technical elements

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dfZ9BXaNyE There are various different shots through the video. At 3 seconds into the video there is a full body shot and a establishing shot of a grave yard.  This is an  establishing shot to show where the performers are and what they are doing, this is at 13 seconds into the video. There is also a close up of the performer 17 seconds in. This video uses a variety of different angles and shots, such as sideways on, close ups and extreme close up just showing the face. This is done to add more tension, emotion and atmosphere to the video. The music starts off slow and gets faster this helps to draw in the audiences attention and to make the audience feel like the video is moving faster to add more tension.  This will make them more likely to watch and listen to the rest of the video.

meson seen

In the video the lighting that has been used is dark and mysterious because the video has been shot in a grave yard with zombies that have just come out of their graves. this also helps to set the mood of the video because the lighting is a key feature on what we see and take in. There Is an establishing shot of a grave yard 30 seconds in to the video so you know what the performers are looking at. This suggests to the audience that it could be scary and that there is something to be scared of.

In this shot compared to the shot 1 second in the at the beginning of the video the lighting changes from bright street lights to a dark foggy grave yard. This is to show that you should be scared and there might me danger  around the corner. this affect is created by adding lots of smoke in and dark shadows with the plain night sky and no artificial lighting. 00:2 into the video there is street lights and people which makes you feel live the environment around them is safe and nothing bad could happen to them. 00:25 into the video there is a close-up shot of the moon which makes the video more spooky for the audience to watch. This also makes it more interesting for the audience to watch because they don’t no what could happen next.

At the start of the video the actors and the musicians were wearing casual denim clothes which suggests that they were out for a casual film evening. 0.55 seconds into the video we see zombies who are wearing black costumes which suggests the colour of death and contrasts with the causal clothes worn by the first actors. The clothes were also covered in mud and dirt which helps you see that they have come out of their grave that night and they are still dirty from the soil.

One of the type of shots used is a ‘bird’s eye’ view of the zombies dancing. This gives the audience a different perspective and enables them to see the scale of the zombies. This is effective because it a new and fresh view of the video and encourages viewers to keep watching.

There are a variety of different props used in the video.  For example, the violin. This is an essential prop b because the main character uses the violin throughout the video to try and calm down the zombies. Another prop used is the headstones. These are used to show where you could find an instrument so that you can understand where the musician has got her instruments from. 51 seconds in there are two people using spades to dig up some of the graves to release some more zombies. This tells the audience that some of the zombies are unable to escape from their graves.

Some of the other shots used were pans. This is where the camera starts at one place and slowly moves across so that the audience gets the full picture. There was a vertical pan from the actors feet to their faces, showing an extreme close up. At the start of the video there was a full body shot of all of the actors but further into the video they used other shots, such as side angles because this would add more spooky lighting to the face, as half would be in darkness.

The video was slow to start, Lindsey and her two friends come out of the show and start talking about the show and how to get home quickly, they decide to take a short cut through the grave yard.  The friends disappeared from shot and mystical music is heard, Lindsey sees some grave diggers the sound track at this time is spooky and building suspense.  The grave diggers turn out to be zombies and the zombies start to break through from under the earth.  The pace of the music starts to increase at around 40seconds and the zombies surface at 43 seconds and once the zombies started dancing 1.14 around Lindsey and the music matched the fast frantic dance moves.

Atmospheric sound effects such as cars travelling in the distance on roads (2 seconds in) this is to help create a ‘normal’ soundscape of a town. There is a faint sound of an owl 12 seconds in when they look across to the grave yard, the hoot of the owl to hint that the ground might be haunted and a place to avoid.  They also introduce the sound of bugs, cicadas or crickets chirping loudly to make more of an atmosphere, the car and town noise disappears.  This change in sounds are to show where her main focus is.  Heavy breathing can be heard after 23 seconds, the sounds of the owl is more clear, you can hear Lindsey walking through the scrub and the music starts, all these elements are to build the tension that something bad is about to happen to Lindsey.

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