unit 9 topic B know the techniques and transitions used in digital editing for moveing image

music  video

song  rather be

180 degree rule

during music video all of the footage was kept in the 180 degree rules which is when you try to keep the camera on one side which is180 degrees. this rule is sometimes used in conversations to make it m ore interesting for the audience to watch. in the video this was used 1:44 in because the camera started to follow the singer round and stops before they reached 90 degrees and then on a different shot the camera followed the other girl round the circle but for less than 180 degrees round.

eye line match

22 seconds in to the music video the singer looks directly at here tape player and then 24 seconds in to the video there is an extreme close up of the singer pressing play on here tape player. also in the music video there is an eye line match of the singers face and here eyes looking at something 3:17 in the video. then there is a different shot of the person that the singer was looking at which was a man playing a piano on the  street 3:18 in the video. in this video all of the eye contact matches so it doesn’t confuse the audience this also helps the next seen make sense and makes the video more understandable also this helps to make the video look more professional


in the video there was a fade transition from the song title name to the beginning of the music 9 seconds in. this helps the vidleeo have a natural flow and makes it feel less rushed at the beginning before the music has  started. 3:57 in the music video the camera slides from the steer well into the apartment were the singer is lying in bed with some one watching over here. this is used to make the seen look more dramatic and ave more of a flow to it without using as many sudden cuts from one seen to the next.

alternative editing styles

22:27 into the video when there is a shot to the singer on here motor bike imagining  that there are people behind hereand following here.  2:31 into the vidieo in a diffrent shot directly after the it shows that there was never any ont there to start with. if i eddied this vidieo i would slowly fade the people away out of the shot to represent that it was all in the singers hed to make it easyer for the adiance to understand. If i was edditing the vidieo i would make the vidieo more clear 2:35 in because it is not that clear that the singer is dreaming so it is easy to confuse the audience on what is happening in the video. To make it more clear I would use a fade transition to make it more clear on what is happening in the vide.

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