evaluation not final unit 9 topic D1 feed back and review /unit 3 topic C4 distribution exhibition and self evaluation

What were your strengths, What went well in the final edit?

The filming was all completed over the planned two days, we had a clear idea of the various shots required that were identified on the storyboard. The members of the team worked hard and well together to produce the film and we all did what we agreed to do. The main editing, sequencing of the footage and overlaying the soundtrack was completed on time. The things that I think went well in the editing is that some of the shots that we used in the music video worked together such as at the start of the video, 1 second in there is a shot showing someone turning on the music which makes the video look more professional and adds character and gives a beginning to the story. It also gives a reason why the music is playing in the video. I also found in the edit that all of the shots flowed really well together and none of the clips look out of place. This also helps to make the video look more professional to watch. The editing process allowed me to try and match the action of the dancers and cut between shots to occur in time with the music.

What didn’t go so well in the final edit?

In the final edit the things that I think didn’t go so well was when some of the camera crew were caught in some of the shots when we were filming the dancers, and we did not have any other suitable footage to replace these mistakes. I also think that in the final edit not all of the shots of the dances were necessary and too long and don’t fit the beat of the music. Needed more of the story line, and less of the dancers.

What are the areas of improvement?

The areas that I could have improved my music video is by finding and adding some different fitting shots of both the dancers and the couple’s story so it flows with the video more easily and effectively. I could have possibly edited the dance sequences to shorter clips so I can synchronize the movements to the beat of the soundtrack and edit contrasting movements to make it more interesting for the audience. I could have included some more establishing shots to set the scene of the story and the places that were filming to show the environment and give more of an atmosphere. I could have picked some better camera shots, angles, or different camera positions so that the camera crew were not caught in the filming of the dancers in the studio. I could have improved the storyline in the film, made some of the storyline footage longer for some of the scenes such as near the end of the film when there is a shot of a burning candle by a tree to make the story more poignant, and reduced the length of the dance sequence.

Does your finished product meet with the aims of the brief? I

believe we fully meet my brief. We filmed at all the locations and places we planned to use and we filmed all the set pieces we aimed to shoot and decided upon in the brief we started out with. We did not have to go to other locations or improvise because we had not planned enough what we wanted to film. We took into account the health and safety issues that we had identified in the briefing and risk assessment documents. We were aware of our surroundings and any of the possible risks or dangers.

How does your final edit compare to your original ideas?

I used all of the different shots that was written down in the story board.  I also kept the pace of the video fast so the audience didn’t get board of the same shots.  I also included some shots that were not written down on the brief, such as at the start of the video when someone turns on the music pressing play on his stereo, it symbolizes the start of the relationship between the boy and the girl in the story. Originally this shot was supposed to be of someone playing music from his phone, but I thought this was clearer to the audience what the actor is doing.  I used all of the angles of the shots that was written down so the video flowed smoothly and efficiently. The editing of the overall footage to tell the story and the various shots were successfully sequenced in the right order and the overlaying the soundtrack was completed. I thought that I would have enough time to put in some special effects such as a variety of transitions between some of the shots to make the film more visually interesting and appealing. Unfortunately all the editing time was spent on the main footage and there was not enough time for any embellishments.

How do your editing choices and style of edit meet with the brief?

The editing choices of the sequences we completed successfully by using the storyboard to identify the various component clips of footage and then stringing them together in the correct order. The brief did not specify and specific transitions. So I did not miss out any features and I meet my original brief. My final edit compared to my original ideas was successful because I managed to get the timing right for the shots so they are on beat with the music. I have some effective shots.  At the beginning of the video 00:3 is a shot of the music turning on with someone pressing play on the stereo. 1:30 into the video is also effective which is a shot of the dancers feet moving about because it was unusual and stands out in the video compared to some of the other shots. The shots of the dancer’s feet moving about was unusual and stands out in the video. These shots look effective because different angles are used to create these images and capture the movements. They also flow through the video easily and look good. There are some shots that look out of place such as 3:16, the shots of the dancer’s knees which could look effective in other parts of the video but not at that place.

Were there any choices you made during the production process on the day?

There weren’t any choices I had to make during the filming, we made the changes before filming.  We didn’t change the actors and what role they had during the filming of the video. The locations were kept the same to our written brief and we didn’t have to make any changes.  The narrative of the video was also kept the same as the brief and we didn’t have to make any quick last minuet changes to the story line.

What intended meaning have you conveyed to your audience within your edit? How did you achieve this?

The story line of this video is showing that a couple drifting apart from each other and ended in depression and fatal consequences for the boy as he committed suicide.  The meaning is a warning to others, about not jumping to wrong conclusions about your partner. We tried to convey this change of mood with the change of lighting.  The film started very bright and positive, but as the film and story progressed the lighting and atmosphere became darker. The actors were dressed in casual clothing to make them look like a ‘normal’ couple going out for a picnic/walk in the park, opposed to a couple that were out on a ‘formal’ dinner date in a restaurant wearing suits and dresses.  I also used the imagery from the chorus words of the song which suggests the boy is drifting away in waves, separating apart, separating from his girl fiend.  The chorus lines are “Slowly drifting away, wave after wave, wave after wave, slowly drifting”

What comments have your peers made about your work? Positive comments

The positive comments that my peers have made about my work is that they “like the camera work used at the start of the video” “The video was fast moving and kept you entertained. it was interesting to watch the story in the video because you didn’t know what was going to happen next with the couple. Some of the other positive comments that my peers said about my music video is that the sound quality used in the video is really good which makes the video sound really professional.

Negative comments

I could improve the video by adding some special effects and transitions to make the video more look more professional” from the feedback I could improve my work by using more clips of the story towards the end of the video to keep the audience interested. I could also add in some transitions so the video is visually more interesting to look at and of a high standard. The negative comments that my peers have made about my work is that it was lacking a bit of footage towards the end of the video especially on the storyline to fully describe what was happening. Other negative comments made by my peers is the fact that you can easily see the camera crew in the video which makes the footage look unprofessional.

How could you improve your work based on the feedback received?

Based on the feedback I could improve my video by adding in some more footage to improve the focus of the main story. I could make some of the story clips longer so the audience can have enough time to see and clearly understand the storyline of the video, reduce the footage length of the dancers. I could also improve the video by being more careful when I film and collect the shots because not all of the shots may be good enough to use in the final video. I could try re-using some of the footage more than once. Experiment with some transitions between shot sequences.

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