Unit 2 topic A.4 planning issues

idear 1 the cover up


I will have to plan out what scenes and shots we are going to use in the film. I will also have to plan what type of shot I am going to use and what the actors are going to be doing in each of the scenes. I will also have to write out the scripts that the actors are going to say, this may be an issue for planning because the actors will need time to learn their lines and we want to make the script of a high standard so we dont turn viewers away, in doing this we need to allow enough time to wright the scripts with out it being rushed and at a poor quality, that would still fit in the correct time limit.  Another issue will be between the thought process because the righters might have two different ideas and won’t settle on the other persons thoughts.


we are intending to stick in the budget of 6 million and we are hoping that we have estimated correctly as we think we would spend no more that 2 million if we can help it so we will have some extra money left over for emergency’s if something goes wrong in the filming


http://www.canvas-events.co.uk/venues/311/the-hoxton-basement I will be filming in Mill Hill secondry school wich is in London I have chosen to d the filming in this school because it is near to all of the locations within the M25 that we will be filming.  Mill Hill school has plenty of parking for vehicles, and is a secure site that we can keep the equipment securely overnight when not filming.  We will need to move equipment, to other locations within the M25, but we won’t be moving around on long journeys which can be expensive and takes a lot of time. This also means that the equipment will have less of a chance to get damaged being set up, broken down and transported. Because of the fact that all of the locations are near each other we will have a shorter time scedual because we will have less days waisted on long road journeys.  This also means we can get all of the film footage in a quicker time. Mill Hill location will be big enough to film in as we have rented additional classrooms so we can film in one classroom, and put additional camera equipment in another, and also use them for makeup and dressing rooms if needed. Another location that I will be filming in is disused warehouse in Plumstead, White Hart Road Depot.  This site has plenty of space for vehicle parking, and plenty of space on the set to move around for all the crew. Location that we will be filming in is a warehouse in Plumpstead, outside street scenes in Wandsworth, house and fast food restaurant also near by to Wandsworth.  We will be working with the Wandsworth council film office, the locations to be used will have ample parking for vehicles and the council is very supportive of the filming taking place in their borough.  All the locations are within the M25 and in London.


the resources that I will need for filming the production is camera equipment, cameras with selection of lenses, camera tracks to run the camera along, a high speed camera to capture the fight scenes that can be played back in slow-motion.  I will also need sound equipment, a sound boom to hear what the actors are saying and additional microphones to pick up sound with out getting in the shoots.  I will need lots of cables to connect this equipment together, monitors to view the action, hard drives to record the sound and video. I may need a portable generator for power supply and to recharge batteries when filming away from a regular source of electricity. Other recourses that I will need is a special effects team to make the film look more interesting and realistic and to better catch more of the quality action. I would also need a a specialist camera crew because they will know how to get the best quality shots.  I would also need lights to make sure it is bright enough for the camera can record with enough detail the action.  The artificial film lights will also be needed to make the scenes look consistent with each other and be naturally flowing when shots are edited together.  Costumes are also required because the actors will not have appropriate clothing for the film and not all of the actors will be wearing the same clothes throughout the film. the resources that we will need for the filming is equipment special effect wires cameras costumes props lights

Legal issues

  There will be legal issues when we film because it was hard to find places that we could film within the local area. The Wandsworth Council film office are very helpful in resolving any local issues and licences. Other legal issues that we are aware of such as the licencing of music for the soundtrack to comply with copyright to the film. For incidental and atmospheric music we may commission a musician to compose additional music. There will also a be situation when we have to get permission to film in the warehouse. We need to get lots of gun shots and explosions and will have to approach the police and owners for permission to do the explosions. We needed to make sure the premises are safe and to get insurance for all the film locations, camera equipment, rental cars, etc  in case of an accidental damage, loss or theft.


In the film there will be violence and scenes of drug dealing, some bad language so I will have to pay close attention to this area.  We are aiming for a BBFC 15 certificate, and no higher.  We might have to cut any scenes that the BBFC say are too distressing or cause offense and would make the film an 18 rating.  There are no sex or nudity scenes scripted in the film that could change the age rating to 18.

Health and safety

To prevent any accidents or hazards we will comply with health and safety requirement.  All scenes will have a risk assessment performed before any filming takes place.  All the equipment is to be stored in the correct and safe way.  On set we shall have fire extinguishers.  All of the fire exits are clearly identified in case of emergencies people can see them clearly. We will also have clearly sign posted the assembly points.  Any height work will require crew to ware safety harnesses, ladder work will require someone to hold and stabilise the ladder. Every one on the sight will have a basic health and safety training course so they know what to do in a case of an emergency.

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