unit 2 topic c.1digital media sectors


The props that will be needed is school tables, chairs, these we would expect to be supplied by the location venue.  Additional school room dressing may be required such as charts, school work to pin to the wall, books on desks, paper stationery to fill up the classroom to make it look realistic for the camera. I will also be needing  high brightness tv/film lamps to improve lighting levels required for filming.  For Jake and Rays homes we would also need household furniture and equipment to dress the rooms we are shooting in such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom and hallway.  Required will be furniture such as sofas, cushions, cupboards, TVs, pictures and general family household clutter to make houses look realistic to the audience when we have to do some acting in the character’s home.


The costumes that will be needed is school uniforms to make it more convincing that the actors are in a lessons. We will also need a uniform for the actors to wear when they are in the fast food restaurant. We will also need a variety of street fashion clothing for Jake and Ray, plus the various gang members.  A mix of T-shirts, vests, jeans, track suit clothing, jackets and trainer shoes. For the gang members that do not fight, they will require street bling jewellery; rings, neck chains, bracelets and ear rings.  Minimal for Jake and Ray because they would hurt themselves if worn in fights.

Makeup list

The makeup that would be used would be a range of cosmetics such as foundation, blusher, and concealer to make the various actors skin tone look the same throughout the film and hide any blemishes or spots that might naturally occur on the actors body over time when filming.   The cosmetics also are required to make the facial and body features bold and stand out when they are working under strong film lighting that can make the actors face look pale and featureless when filmed by the cameras.

Because there is going to be street fighting, the fighting actors may be naked above the waist during some of these scenes, if so they will require similar cosmetics for the body.  The actors bodies may have Vaseline rubbed in and water sprayed on top to make the droplets stand out as beads of sweat.
The hair products required will be the type of products fashionable youths would use to give them fashionable hairstyles.  Stronger hairstyle products will be required when filming outside, and the fight scenes to stop the hair from flying around too much and hiding the actors faces.  Also stronger hold hair products will mean the hair will not change or fall flat between takes for continuity.

Specialist makeup will be required to make the injuries during and after the fights look real.  Items such as prosthetic cuts and scars.  Cosmetics to create bruises and black eyes.


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