unit 10 learning learning Aim B1/B2/B3/B4: explore the techniques of digital photography

I took a series of test shots experimenting with framing and angles, focus, subject, composition and zoom. DSCF0015

This photo was inspired by David Bailey this is because of the way he manages to capture the character of the person in everyday surroundings, looking straight at the camera so you can clearly see the subjects face.  In my picture I feel I have managed to create this effect by showing the persons emotion and how they are feeling from this picture. The strong daylight from the side emphasises the facial features, the hair slightly blown off the face helps to provide some motion and character to the picture.  The blue sky represents the young innocence of the boy complete with his half-smile. The character in the picture is trying to show he has some ‘street credibility’ and a rough life through the clothing being worn and the hood up covering some of his head. DSCF0020

This photo was inspired by Edward Weston because of the way he can capture objects and bits of the body, zooming in and getting close to the object he is taking a picture of, which can change the perspective and position of the body part or object.  In this picture I have managed to capture a close up of someone’s eye and cheek, there is no strong lighting or flash used to produce highlights or shadows on the face, the face is intentionally flat with strong grey tones to suggest possible sadness.  The eye isn’t looking straight at you instead it looks like the person is looking in pain or sorrow and you are deliberately left to wonder what is the subject thinking. There is no tear or smile that would confirm any emotion or secret meanings or messages. The photograph uses the composition of 1/3rds the eye with strong makeup is positioned in the left third, in the midway height of the frame that grabs your attention, then the eye is drawn to the other side of the photograph and the mouth in the bottom right hand 1/3rd to see if the subject is happy and smiling or sad  and the eye is drawn to the middle and the dark nostril


Cindy Sherman was the photographer that was the inspiration for this photo.  Cindy Sherman always over exaggerates situations to emphasise of a point and to create more interesting photos. I have chosen to take this photo inspired by her because you can take lots of interesting photos exaggerating  the situation to prove more of a point. I have managed to  dramatize the amount of makeup the girl feels she needs to put on her face.   This is intended to relate and be inspired by Cindy Sherman. in this photo I have tried to create a secret message in the photo showing that I have managed to exaggerate  the photo with the amount of makeup the person is putting on at once.  The colours in the picture suggests that the person is bored because there is no bright colours which looks more fun

comparing and contrasting the images together

Comparing the differences of the photos inspired by David Bailey, Edward Weston and Cindy Sherman

I have tried to use bright colours, crisp sharp focus with natural light in the picture inspired by David Bailey, this is because I wanted the composition of the image of the face to stand out and make a point on the page, I also wanted it to stand when compared to the other pictures which were inspired by Edward Weston and Cindy Sherman that use artificial lighting for a lot of their photographs.

For the Weston inspired photographs the colours are more muted and pale because of the artificial lighting.   The Weston inspired photograph of the eye gives the impression of almost monochrome because the colours are so pale. The Weston photograph is a composition that is a close-up of part of a face, the eye, not a complete face or body which makes the image almost abstract becuase it is not the usual full face features shown.

The photographs by Bailey are usually photographs of celebrities, actors, musicians or people with interesting faces that he concentrates his aim upon.  His style is full face and upper body portrait shots, usually in a pose or with a prop to reinforce what the celebrities ‘art’ is such as a guitar or book and uncluttered backgrounds. This compares to Sherman who tends to take full body shots of people doing something, more of a story telling picture, or an image to make you think what is happening, or going to happen next.

In the photo inspired by Cindy Sherman the lighting I have used is similar to Sherman, I have used harsh artificial lighting and photographed the girls and their reflections in the mirror as they apply make-up to make themselves more attractive to men. I have only used colours that reflect the colours that stereotypically represent girls, pinks and reds that are most frequently used to represent females.   This is to fit in with the female rights campaigns that Cindy Sherman was a member of. My Cindy Sherman inspired image I have taken a more distant photo so the person in the photo is more distant voyeur this is to show and symbolise females from someone else’s prospective.

Comparing the colours that Edward Weston used in his photos the colours are usually pale and ‘washed out’ and soft edged when compared with the Baily and Sherman inspired photographs, bright strong high contrast and crisp images. The Weston inspired photograph I have taken a close up image making the picture more intense and bold.

Effective storage of photographs

I have saved my photos in a directory structure on the computer. The structure is in broken down into a series of sub directories, in this instance “BTEC level 2 media”, sub directory Photography”, and in another sub directory called “Ben Eire Lucy” so the photos will be easy to find. I transferred the files from my camera to the file on the computer by removing the SD card from the camera, and inserting the SD card into the SD card reader on my computer. I then copied the files from the SD card to the appropriate sub directory on my computer.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 14.06.16

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