Unit 2 topic A.4 Planning Issues

Film Idea 2

Romantic comedy, an updated remake of the film ‘Gregory’s Girl’, in the style of two Channel four series “In-betweener’s” and “Skin’s” set around London and in a college. Slightly awkward boy, desperate for a girlfriend (like his male friends). He really likes and wants to go out with a cool girl ‘out of his league’. The cool girl not keen on the boy. A girl college/school friend of the boy and the cool girl acts as the fixer or go-between the boy and cool girl. The boy and the go-between friend become more and more closer as they learn more about each other and try to set up ‘romantic’ opportunities for the boy to impress the cool girl (that always go slightly wrong in a comedy way, and he looks a bit of a fool, but not an idiot or stupid), eventually boy falls for and goes out with the ‘go-between’ friend of the cool girl.


The resources that I will need for filming the production is camera equipment; cameras with a selection of lenses, camera tracks to run the camera along.  I will also need sound equipment, a sound boom to record what the actors are saying plus additional background microphones to pick up environmental sounds.  I will need lots of cables to connect this equipment together, monitors to view the action. Hard drives to record the sound and video. I may need a portable generator for power supply for equipment and to recharge batteries when filming away from a regular source of electricity. Other resources that I will need is a quality camera crew that will know how to get the best quality and interesting shots.  I would also need artificial film lighting to make sure it is bright enough for the camera to record the action.  The lighting will also be needed to make light levels of scenes look consistent so the viewer will not notice different brightness when they are edited together.  Costumes are also required because the actors will not have appropriate clothing for the film and not all of the actors will be wearing the same clothes throughout the film.


We will be filming for 6 months in different places in and around London and within the M25. We will have access problems on locations and sets for space to set up the camera and sound equipment because we plan to use existing locations, not build sets in studios that can be designed for camera access. We will also need suitable places where the actors can wait, relax in between scenes.  We will have to find a college or location that looks like a college and get the landlords permission so we can film in and around the property. For scenes in the story to be shot when the actors ‘accidently’ meet in places such as a theme park, a local disco/night club or tourist attractions in the City of London we will need to get permission to film very early morning or late evening when the venues are closed to the public. We will also need a license to film in these locations. For most locations we are going to be filming in areas that are near each other so we will waste less time getting to the destinations that we need. There will be less of a chance for the camera equipment to get damaged because we won’t be transporting the equipment on long journeys.

Legal and moral and ethical issues

We must ensure that the film story does not require the actors to do anything that they do not want to do on moral or religious grounds. The actors roles will be depicting younger people of the age 16-19. Care will be taken not to extend or glorify any scenes of out of control drinking or violence, this is important because we do not want to have the film rated higher than 15 certificate. The story has no drug taking and only light flirtatious scenes of a sexual nature, no nudity. Zacc and I will have to communicate together on an honest and appropriate manner. We will respect each other’s opinions, personal backgrounds and beliefs and to take this into consideration when creating our ideas to ensure that we will cater for the majority of the public without offending them or causing any harm or offense.


We are not going to exceed the budget of 6 million, we plan to spend an estimated budget of £2.5M and keep money back for contingency or emergencies (Film Idea 2 budget). We are planning to use new unknown actors from drama schools for the leading roles and as many as possible relatively new technician crew members and a few well experienced members of the film crew. This is to keep the wages costs down, and to give an opportunity to develop the film as an edgy youthful film. There will be required a lot of extras, we plan to use a mix of drama students and college students for extras.  Costs will include, costume, editing studio, storage spaces, food and catering, rental of camera, sound and lighting equipment, monitors, computers and hard-drives, printing, insurance, truck rental and transportation costs, rental of location venues, actors, extras and technicians wages. It is intended that the film has a very up to date music sound track with the intention of producing a Soundtrack recording to accompany the film sales. We will therefore have to take into account any licensing and copyright royalty and performance fees. We are considering using a new bad breaking on to the music scene and use the film to promote the band in return for zero fees. We plan to pitch the film to theme parks and tourist venues in London and try to allow us to use their venues for free and they will get publicity and mentions in the film credits as an alternative to payment. We plan to do a similar ‘product placement’ opportunity to clothes and sportswear suppliers with the aim of obtaining costumes for free, and they get publicity and mentions in the credits. For the film we will need lots of small props to dress the sets and background of the shots to make the film more believable.

Regulatory issues

We will be using the BBFC to monitor the film to make sure that the film doesn’t have inappropriate language or violence for a higher target audience. In the film there will be some drinking and suggestions of a mild slightly sexual nature, but no sense of sex or nudity. There will be some swearing so we will need to monitor the amount of bad language used in the film and it is not intended to be excessive or shocking. There will be no drug use in the film. Using the BBFC age rating we will need to make this a 15 certificate.

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