Concept Unit 10 Learning Aim C1/C2/C3

mood board  what props i would use using the ideas from the mood board insertion  The Concept

The concept I have chosen is an album cover/art work for a rock/pop band.  The band I have in mind is a rock band in the style of Paramore a contemporary alternative/prog rock band. The ideas I have are images of the band member or members wearing rock style clothing, this will be predominantly black or dark coloured clothing, but with a few bright highlight items of clothing, ‘Goth’ style slightly over the top to give a theatrical performance. I am considering several ideas for the environment to shot the photographs a dark forest, a playground with a band members sitting on a swing or standing nearby with the swing moving in shot.  Sitting on a skateboard park that has highly coloured graffiti.

The photographic techniques required

The outside shots I will experiment with slow shutter speeds to try and capture the swing moving slightly blurred in motion, and wide aperture to give narrow depth of field. I will take several shots with the swing in various positions so that I have a choice of where I merge the image of the band member on to the image of the swing. The photo shot of the forest and trees I will be shooting up towards the sky to get a featureless sky with high contrasting or silhouettes of the tree branches. When I blend the images together I will take care to frame and leave space in the overall composition for the album title to be added or other promotional wording.  If the overall composition looks too busy, I can overlay a transparency layer to lighten the picture so any words required for a poster will standout. An alternative idea is to have an image, a blended photograph for the background, with and image of just the head of the band member superimposed on top.

The face maybe in grey tones to blend in with the background with strong highlight in colour features such as the eyes or lips. To do this I will need to use photographic editing software such as PhotoShop. I also might try some PhotoShop effects to slightly distort or ‘melt’ some or all of the image or face. To take the indoor photographs of the band member I will take a series of portrait face photos, experiment with strong side, top lighting, or lighting from below the chin up on to the face to create strong shadows on the face and around the eyes. I will also be using strong lighting direct onto the face to create a more flat or featureless, ghostly face. I will also take some head and shoulder plus full body shots standing in casual poses that I will experiment cutting into the various backgrounds with PhotoShop.

Why these Images will be suitable

The images I plan to create will be suitable because they follow a style of imagery that is often used for this style of promotional material and familiar to the target audience. The prominent use of the band member will be a source of recognition to followers of the band, and to show what the band member looks like to potential new fans. The art work will also appeal to followers of this type of music that may not have heard the music before, but will get visual impression that they can identify with. The clothing to be worn will be stylish, but there will be no words on the clothing that could cause offense. The band member will be dressed therefore no issues of nudity. It is intended that the band member is the sole person in the artwork, so there is no consent for permission to photograph people or cars with registration plates shown will not be required.

Ideas and Inspiration

The collage of images of album covers I have used for ideas and inspiration. They nearly all contain pictures of the band members. The Avril Lavigne, Michael Jackson and Pink covers all feature close up pictures of the face with strong lighting. The image for ‘Fall Out Boy’, the boy with the stripes is the inspiration for the melting face. The other images show the members of the band posing in stereotypical rock poses to the camera. The album cover for ‘5 seconds of summer’ shows the band standing against a graffiti wall and the picture then has graffiti on top applied using a graphic package. I have based the idea of the graffiti skateboard park around this image.

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