unit 10 C1/C2/C3 Create digital photographs for media products

Mind Map of Ideas


Photographs I took exploring my ideas










I used outside location and studio to try to get the images I wanted.  The outside shots used natural lighting, I experimented with different shutter speeds and aperture sizes to try to get different effects, trying to over expose slight the photograph to give a pale washed out effect and a gritty city feel.  I had the band member stand in various static poses and movement shots walking across the camera front. I also took outdoor photographs of some possible backgrounds such as the brick wall and fences.

I took some studio photographs, these were with a white background using studio lighting.  I did not adjust the settings on the camera once they were setup, but concentrated on getting the band member to stand in and move with the aim of getting suitable shots that can be edited into backgrounds.

Contact style of my ideas shots

i have been through my photos

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