Unit 13 Review of two web sites

BBC News website page. Screen shots that form the long BBC News home page. Below are screen shots with labels that describe the various parts of the page, navigation and style.

The news web site follows the same pattern as a TV broadcast news program.  Starts off with the latest new and important stories, then continues in various parts such as world neews stories business news, science and technology news, sports and weather.  If the user puts in their details they will then be shown ‘local news and weather’








BBC News web site analysis



GamesOnly web site analysis




There are common features between the BBC News site and GamesOnly web sites, both have search and navigation that remains the same at the top of every page.  Both have a central area for the ‘copy’ where the main content is placed, and areas to the left and right of the main central panel that expand or reduce depending on how big the web browser window is or the size and settings of the monitor.  Both sites contain a lot of images to make the site interesting and easy for users to see what they want to look at and use quickly.

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