Beauty found in the ugly

Beauty found in the ugly

How did I create this picture?

I created this picture with the intentions to make the ugly beautiful

I created this picture by using a digital camera this is so I could transfer the pictures onto the computer and put the picture on to Photoshop if there are changes that need to be made and are nursery. I put the F stop at f/5.6 and the shutter speed at 1/800 this is because I didn’t want the picture being over exposed due to the brightness of the sky, I also made shore tat the picture wasn’t under exposed as this would make it hard to see the picture, i also put the ISO at 400

what has worked well?

this has worked well because I have managed to make the building in the picture work well and interesting  to look at this is by the different colours found in the building materials such as the blue tint in the windows and the yellow on the walls out side, this is also helped by the green roofing on top of the building. I also believe that this picture has worked well because I have managed to use a different angle and perception that people don’t normally see in the attempt to give the picture beauty from the ugly. I have also managed to use leading lines directing your eye to the camera, I have managed to get the lines off of the window and the out side of the building directing you strait up.

how could I improve this picture? 

I can improve this picture by focusing and zooming in more on the camera, I believe that this would improve the picture by make the main focus clearer to people this would help other people understand what the picture is about. I could also improve this picture by testing out different ideas on Photoshop to make the picture more interesting

i could improve this picture by getting a sharper focus this would make everything in the photo stand out even more

how dose this represent me?

this represents me because it shows my love for filming and photography, this is because I allays have a camera near me in case there are any potential photo opportunity’s or if there are any memory’s I want to capture and remember. this also represents me because you don’t allays know were I am or were I am looking, weather it is  a head to the future or if I am looking at the past memory’s. this also represents me because I can be intimidated by the size of things towering over me of things.

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