Making babies

Making babies

The careful merging of two faces to create a third, a product of the two ‘parent faces’ combined.

lucy photo_MG_8041+georgie_MG_8024

I created the composite image below by using Photoshop and merging and blending the above two portrait photographs. I lightened the photograph on the left so the background and skin tones were similar.  I used the select tool grab and copy the mouth and chin, neck and shoulders and chest of the right photograph, pasted it on to the left photograph as a new layer, Layer 1, adjusted the opaque slider so that skin tones merged even more. I used the transform tool to move the chin and size it so that it was lined up correctly on top of the face below. I clicked on the background layer used the select tool to grab the long hair that falls over the shoulders. I pasted them as a new layer, Layer 2 on top of Layer 1.  I then merged all the layers.  I finally used the cloning brush to help complete the blending process.


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