Series of Three Pictures – A tryptic

How does this series of pictures fit in with my theme of the self?

This series of pictures represent me because they show that I can be a mystery even when you can see all of me.  The series of pictures also represent me because it shows that I like to know what is happening from afar.  In the series of three photographs the person is looking at the camera, to the side and away from the camera.  The silhouette makes it difficult to see immediately if the person is looking at you or away from you.  This I hope suggests that people are not always what or who you think they are or doing what you think they are doing.  You must look deep and harder to truly see someone.

I have managed to create an element of a small photographic story of events because the look and feel of these three images and surroundings are deliberately similar.  The same person is used for all three shots, the fact they have been taken in front of a large window, the background of the college remains constant, but viewed through the window from different vantage points.

Person facing the camera.

Person facing the camera
Person facing the camera

Person facing towards the camera what worked well?

The photograph worked well because you cannot see the persons face only his silhouette in the window, but you feel you know he is looking directly at you.

The photograph worked well because I captured what I had planned.

Person facing the camera, what didn’t work so well?

I think I could improve this picture by sharpening the focus of the person in the picture, increasing the aperture to give a shallow depth of field, making the the buildings through the window in background out of focus. I would increase to faster shutter speed to increase the silhouette so less light will fall on the subjects face so no facial features would be seen.  The silhouetted person in the will then become the only source of attention and would add stronger impact to the picture.

Person facing the camera, how did I create this picture?

I took the picture with a digital SLR camera, this enabled me to see directly the picture composition that would be captured. The choice of camera gave me more flexibility on the amount of pictures I could take on the camera. I created this picture with the camera settings ISO 100, Shutter speed 1/250 seconds, aperture f/5.6.  By putting the exposure at 1/250 and the F stop at f/5.6 this is so the background of the picture would be correctly exposed and person would be standing in their own shadow creating the silhouette.  This effect makes the picture more intriguing and interesting to look at.

Person walking past the window.

Second in a series of pictures

Person walking past the window.
Person walking past the window.

 Person walking past the window, what worked well?

I have managed to use shadows again to continue the mystery in this series of photographs. I also believe that this has worked well because the only key features you can see of the person, cap, the hair and the silhouette of the nose. You can tell that the person is facing sideways to the camera as if they were walking by or unimpressed, uninterested with the sights and things going on around him. The way the light has come through the windows has created a slightly different and interesting effect, you can see the face and there are faint highlights around the neck.

Person walking past the window, what didn’t work so well?

I can improve this picture by lining the camera up with the strong vertical of the window frame or the horizontal of the roof in the background, this would stop the picture from looking wonky and at a slight angle.  It would also show the person to have their body leaning slight forward and looking more purposeful walking. I could also improve this picture by making the person move to the centre of the windows so they are not near a window frame, and therefore the frame is not distracting you from the intended main focus of the photograph, the silhouetted person.

Person walking past the window, how did I create this picture?

I created this picture by using a digital SLR camera this enabled me to see “through the lens” and what image will be captured by the camera.  The camera settings were ISO 100, shutter speed 1/125 second, Aperture f/5.6.  This slightly slower shutter speed resulted in more of the facial features made visible due to more light being allowed to fall on his face. I could improve the shadowy silhouette effect of the person if I increased the aperture F stop and used a faster shutter speed.

Person facing the window. 

Third and final picture in the series

Person facing the window
Person facing the window

Person facing the window how did I create this picture?

I created this picture by using the same digital SLR camera for the same reasons as previous tow photographs. The camera settings were ISO 100, shutter speed 1/125 second, Aperture f/5.6.  I took the picture with the F stop at f/5.6 and the exposure at 1/125. This was so the picture would be capture the silhouette of the person.  I didn’t post process the photograph in Photoshop the image as I thought this might destroy the effect that I tried to create with just the camera.

Person facing the window what worked well? 

I created the effect I wanted and had in mind when I took the photograph. I have repeated the silhouette theme similar to the previous two photographs.  The image of the horizontals and verticals are correct, the image is not at an angle camera was held.

Person facing the window what could be improved?

I think I can improve this picture by moving the person in the photograph to the centre of the window pane, away from the window frame. This would remove the window frame from “growing” out of his shoulder.  The window frame does not add anything to the image, but detracts the viewer from focusing on the main object, the silhouetted person.

What could be improved on tryptic as a single image?

An improvement could have been to make sure that the window frame was on the extreme right of each picture, and not interfering with the silhouette of the person. The window frame verticals would then have been very useful to demarcate each picture element of the tryptic.  I could try and align the line of the building roofs so that the form a continuous horizon.

The tryptic.

Tryptic- Facing, sideways, back to the camera

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