Nan Goldin – American photographer

Nan Goldin

She is an American photographer who originated in Boston and moved to New York for a subcultural lifestyle. Nan Goldin graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University in 1977/1978. She is most known for her documentary work. Though she sometimes took pictures as reminders on what some people did to here. She began taking pictures when she was a teenager and left home when she was 13 Here earliest works are black and white some of them containing here friends as drag queens. She often took pictures of her friends and showed here work in slid shows with her friends.  Here slide shows were also shown at clubs that she been to and taken pictures at.

She also tried to document here friends when they were travelling and when some of them were ill and dying of AIDS, as a way to remember them and keep them alive.

Nan_Goldin_headshot_Web.jpg (403×640)

More information and biographies at:

Interview with Guardian Newspaper

Samples of her work:

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