Making the beautiful ugly

How is this a beautiful thing made ugly?

A flower dandelion is a thing of beauty, when looked at close up the fine details of the many petals.  In my photograph this is not shown up close, instead the dandelion just looks like an unwanted weed amongst the grass.

How did I create this image?

I created this with the intentions of making the beautiful ugly

I took this photograph using a digital SLR camera, this is so I could put the image into Photoshop easily if it was necessary. I created this image with the F stop at f/5.6 with the ISO at 400 and the shutter speed at 1/250. this is so the picture wouldn’t be over or under exposed.

How does this represent me?

This represents me because it is a beautiful flower when looked at up close, but often overlooked by people. this also represents me because it shows that you have to look closer at me to see me at my best and at my full.

What didn’t work so well? 

The dandelion is slight too small insignificant and slightly out of focus. There is a blade of grass that cuts across the dandelion head.  This would have been better if it was removed before taking the photograph as this distracts you from the main focus winch is the dandelion.

What did work well?

The photograph could have easily been made to look ugly by deliberately taking a ‘bad’ photograph.  The lighting of the photograph is well balanced and the dandelion flower.  The shallow depth of filed makes the grass leaves in the background form a soft green backdrop, to bring your attention to the foreground, the grass and dandelion.

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