Martin Parr – Photographer

Martin Parr
Martin Parr Collection. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Dubai. Autoportrait. 2007.

Martin Parr is a British born photographer.  His works are social documentary in style, they focus on people and society, their social behaviour and things that are part of peoples daily lives.  He captures people going about their mundane lives.  His images document the lives mostly of UK people.

His photographs are of everyday people in all shapes and sizes.  He enjoys the imperfections, they add character an colour.  This includes photographing people of all ages, not just the ‘beautiful’ the 20 somethings with the perfect bodies.  His photographs are a study in the messages we project intentionally or unintentionally by what we wear, how we react.  This he records in vivid colour.

A lot of his photographs he also tries to introduce elements of humour and irony.  Imagine BBC Documentary 2003 “The World According To Martin Parr”

Collection of artilces from the Guardian Newspaper

His work

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