Rainbow Picture

A collection of photographs composed to represent a Rainbow.  I created this using photographic image manipulation software.

colour pictures rainbow
Composite photograph of images to represent a rainbow

How did I create this picture?

I created this picture using Adobe CC 2015 Photoshop to make a single image from six individual photographs.

I looked at my collection of photographs for six images that had strong colours that when combined could describe the theme of “Rainbow”  The main colours I wanted were in the pallet range of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.  Any photographs missing a suitable strong colour I went out and shot.

I composed the final by using Photoshop, this was so I could put all of the smaller pictures together to create one big collage picture.

I launched Adobe Photoshop 2015, opened in Photoshop the six images I wanted to use.  Next I opened a new blank document (Ctrl+N).  I split the new page up by applying a grid guide of 2 cells by 3 cells, View, Show, Guides. I then clicked on the tab of the first picture, select the image, copy then click on the tab of the new blank document and pasted the image as a new layer.  I then clicked on Transform so that I could resize the image and move it into place using the guides to show how big the image had to be.  I repeated this process for the remaining 5 images.  For many of the images I cropped the layer so that a strong colour image was shown. The close up of the poppy flower head, the purple/violet coloured chive flower head, the orange stripes and the close up of the individual leaf.

What went well?

Photographic montage looks very effective. I have the main colours of the rainbow in each image, and there is also a common theme of nature, plants and flowers that also ties the rainbow theme together.

How could I improve this?

On close inspection I could have improved the lining up of the images, there is a slight gap between the bottom four pictures.

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