This is a photostory or photodiary of my morning journey to college.

Story board of the daily journey into college
Story board of the daily journey into college

How I created the photo-story

I took a variety of shots that would eventually be used in my 6 shot photo-story. I used a digital camera because it is easy to transfer the images from the camera onto a PC for later editing in a graphics package such as Photoshop.

I reviewed the photographs I had taken using the PC file manager plus the image pre-viewer and  viewer software.  I selected six photographs that represented key elements of the start of my day and journey into college.

I opened Photoshop, then opened the six images in Photoshop.  I created a seventh new larger image.  I created a guide grid of  3×4 cells on the blank new image and arranged them so that working from the top of the image I had a row of 3 large cells where the first tree images will be placed, a narrow strip of 3 cells where the text of the story for the photograph above will be written. another large row of  the same height as the top row where the next three photostory images will be placed.  Final narrow strip of 3 cells for the story text to accompany the pictures above.

I then clicked on the tab of the first picture, select the image, copy then click on the tab of the new blank document and pasted the image as a new layer.  I then clicked on Transform so that I could resize the image and move it into place using the guides to show how big the image had to be.  I repeated this process for the remaining 5 images.

I clicked on add layer and the text tool in Photoshop, created a “text box”  I changed the font size to 18pt, Font style Myraid Pro, Regular, checked the colour of the font was dark grey.  I then typed the words to accompany the picture above, if the text was longer than the text box, I clicked on the box to resize it to fit under the photograph and dragged it down to increase the depth to accommodate 2 lines of text.  I repeated this process for all 6 images.

What went well?

The photograph sequencing tell a story. The photographs are bright and clear, the viewer can immediately see the elements of the journey without having to read the text beneath each photograph. The text beneath describes the journey and gives extra detail that enhances the photographic record.

What could be improved?

The change between landscape and portrait photographs makes for large white gaps. I could have put the portrait pictures immediately next to the landscape pictures so there was no large white space and the top and bottom rows would be of similar length.
It would have possibly been better if all the photographs were landscape, portrait or possibly cropped so that they are all the same proportions and dimensions.

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