Creating My Avatar

Lucy created avatar


Photograph of Me
Photograph of Me

How did I create this picture?

I created this picture in Photoshop. I used a picture of me as a template in Photoshop and set it as a background layer, this gave me guidelines as to where to draw the main features of the face.

I used the open tool to cut out my mouth, eyes, hair, neck and my top. Creating a new layer for each of the features. Once I had cut out the features using the pen tool I then clicked on layer mask creating ‘running ants’ around the selected cut-out. I sampled the colour from the original picture and filled the shape in with the colour from the sample to give a flat cartoon coloured fill.  I then repeated this process through the picture creating an avatar cartoon person.

I created the background with a new blank layer and added different coloured spots using the paint brush tool changing the colour of the spots every so often to give an impression of a oversized comic book print dots.

Alternative method

Avatar created using filters

I have since found another Photoshop method that could be used
to create a stylised avatar.  This uses  smart filters to build up layers of effects that flattens the details, introduces filters such as paint daubs or poster edges, change the sliders for edge thicknes, intensity, brush size, sharpness, also blur and soften effects.

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