Picture 1 Destroy 

destruction of the self.jpg
Destroy inspired by Andy Warhol & Rankin

How did I create this picture?

I created this picture in Adobe Photoshop. I used the paint bucket tool to fill up certain parts and elements of my face I, used bright colours such as red and yellow so they would stand out against the black and white. I then added a new layer this is so I could add the stripes to the picture and change the opacity making it blend in with the picture and look more natural against the original picture.

Does this fit in with your theme?

This fits in with my theme of destroy because I have managed to use bright colours that can make the picture look un-natural.  My destruction is similar to the picture  of the Rankin image below of Sophie Ellis Bextor that has been destroyed by cutting into stripes and reconstructed with gaps of white highlighting the fragmentation of the image.  I broke my picture up with similar pale strips in Photoshop.

Rankin “Destroy” Sophie Ellis-Bextor

How does this represent me?

It shows that I am sometimes restricted on what I can and can’t say. This also shows that I cant do what I want and I am sometimes forced and pressured  into things by people around me.

What does this picture make you think of?

The picture makes me think of loss of freedom and imprisonment. This is because it looks like there is someone else’s hand covering the mouth. This makes me think that she is not allowed free speech, to say what she wants and if she does then there will be a punishment.  The feeling of loss of freedom is increased by the stripes across the picture these symbolise the prison bars separating the person from the rest of the world.

Does this remind you of any one elses work?

this makes me think of  work by Andy Warhol. this is because I have used bright colours that standout in the picture just like some of Andy Warhol’s work.

Andy Warhol – Marilyn Monroe

What worked well?

I think that this picture worked well because I have used bright contrasting colours making the face and hands stand out against the grey background and darker features on the face. I also believe that this picture has worked well because I have managed to display my point well and keep with in my theme of destroy.

How can I improve the picture? 

I believe I can improve this picture by making more of the face stand out, this is so people can sea more of the girls emotion this would bring more impact to the picture. I could also improve the picture by making the stripes vertical this is so it would give a better symbolisation of prison bars.


Picture 2 Destroy 

destruction colour 2
Destroy 2 inspired by Mondrian


How did I create this picture?

I created the picture by using Adobe Photoshop. I used a photograph of my self, changed the photo to black and white.  I did this by clicking image and then adjustments, clicked on black and white. I made a new layer, and added a another picture of bicycle wheels to the new layer.  I lined up the outline of the hair to approximately the same lines of a wheel to frame the face.   I changed the opacity of the picture making the face still visible through the bicycle wheels.  I used the paint bucket tool to flood fill in some of the shapes created by the spokes of the wheels.  I limited my self to a limited colour pallet  (red, yellow, green, blue).  The colours add an abstract stained glass effect to make the picture more interesting.

Does this fit in with your theme?

This picture fits in with the theme of the self and destroy.  I have managed to make the picture look as if it has been smashed and broken like a broken stained glass window.   The photograph also fits in with the theme of the self and destroy because I have used bright eye-catching colours in applied randomly, these are not the colours of flesh or bicycles. tones not normally see on black and white photos as this destroys what would have been just a B&W composition, it is neither a completely coloured photograph.

How does this represent me?

It represents me because I can easily get tangled up in confusing and tricky situations that I don’t always fully understand. It also represents me because it shows that I can get lost I my own ideas and thoughts and emotions, also feelings of being just a small cog on a wheel. Sometimes I get caught up in other people’s web of lies.

What does the picture make you think of?

The picture makes me think of spiders webs, this is because of the bike spoked wheels over lap each other creating a web that keeps overlapping with no end. I am the spider sitting, waiting in the middle.

The composition also makes me feel like I am trapped with a little window covered in bars, I am trying to of escape, but the bars keep closing in.

Finally the picture makes me think of camouflage trying not to be noticed I am hiding and the bicycle wheels hide me and change the outline of the face similar to wearing army camouflage hiding from the enemy.

Does this remind you of anyone elses work?

The photograph reminds me of some of the work by artist Piet Mondrian. Mondrian used lines and created spaces that he filled with a limited pallet of bright colours creating an abstract picture.  I have used the lines of the spokes of the wheel to create spaces and filled some of the spaces with bright colours. This also reminds me of some work done by Rankin in his destroy project

Composition Oval with colour panes 1. (1914) Piet Mondrian

Hoe does this fit in with Rankin’s destroy project 

My photograph fits in with Rankin’s destroy project because I have managed to divide the picture similar to lines below of Joe Strummer. Strummer destroyed his photography by painting over his portrait with oils, then scribed through the painting, the lines are similar to my destroy image.

061-20231454RGBFINAL1.jpg (1245×800)
Rankin Destroy – Joe Strummer

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