Fears 2

fears blind and lonlieness.     psd.jpg
Fears 2


How did I create these pictures?

I used Photoshop on some of the pictures this was too make some of the pictures brighter so that there was a more even brightness across all the pictures in the montage.  I changed some of the pictures using the hues, saturation and brightness levels tools in Photoshop.  This meant I could make the photos brighter or darker depending on what I wanted.

What does it make you think of?

This makes me think of broken friendships and people growing apart. This is because when you see people in the quadriptych montage they are always dark and not quiet in focus making you think something bad has happened between the group. In one of the pictures the members of the group are walking away, and one of the member of the group is clasping her head possibly in anger or frustration.  This also makes you think of the past and memories of friends not seen for a long time, this is because the people are out of focus and blurred like an old faded memory.

How does it make you feel?

This picture makes me feel nervous as if I’m am in trouble this is owed to the way the people look towards the camera, straight at you, it feels accusatory. It introduces lots of tension between the pictures that all together convey a strong uneasy feeling.

What worked well?

The overall composition worked well.  I like the picture of the reflected person standing in-front of the window wearing a stripped top worked well.  The elements are combined so that you can see there is someone there, but not clearly enough to identify who.  It makes you question who it is, whether it is the person remembering some of their past or whether it is someone who had a fallen out with the group of people in the other picture elements.  The layout of the composition has worked well the large black boarder background pulls the four pictures together as one.

What didn’t work well?

I don’t think that all of the pictures convoy the same mood that I am trying to create.  I think that some of pictures are too out focus.  It might have been better to try using something over the lens to make the picture appear out of focus (Cling film), or taken a sharp focused picture and used Photoshop blur filter to soften the focus where I could experiment easily.

The reflected person in the window with the striped top, the colours are too bright possibly making it distracting against the rest of the pictures in the composition.

Does this fit in with your theme?

This fits in with my theme of the self and fears,  it shows my fear of breaking with my friends and being excluded or left behind.  I tried to show this by making the pictures of the group of people look straight at the camera and blurred as if something was wrong between the viewer and the group.

Photographers relating to my work and inspired me when taking the pictures 

Danie Arbus photographer.  Her subject are the unusual people, people on the fringe of society, the social outcasts.  The fears I have is becoming one of the social outcast.

0034.+Diane+Arbus,+A+woman+with+a+pearl+necklace+and+earrings,+New+York,+1967.jpg (600×601)
Danie Arbus – Photographer

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