Colour Curves – Changing Colours or Colour Correcting

Colour curves are used to adjust colour, hue and luminosity.  Colour correction may be needed becuase the photograph was taken not in natural lighting, such as indoor flouresent lighting.  It may be required becuase there was not an opportunity to perform a white balance before taking a series of photographs.

How did I create this picture?

I created this picture using a digital camera. I set the camera shutter exposure at 1 second. This was so enough light will get into the camera making the picture bright enough to see. I put the ISO at 100

With the F stop setting F/14. I placed the camera on a tripod this was to prevent camera shake and making the picture appear blurred.

I opened the photograph with Photoshop, this is so I could adjust and improve the picture. I changed the saturation and of the picture making the colours of the lights stand out and look naturally vivid. The process also meant I could remove some unnecessary shadows and light.

I adjusted the colour saturation by going to image then hovered the mouse over the Photoshop toolbar menus to find adjustments. I then clicked on hue/situation (Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation) or short cut CMD+U (Ctrl+U). I changed the hue bar and the saturation bar to change the picture, this made the picture green. I then changed the brightness of the picture by going into my tool bar again and clicking image > adjustments > levels, I then dragged the bar making the colours stand out more in the picture. This improved the quality of the picture and made it look better.


How does this fit in with your theme?

This fits in with my theme of fear because it shows my fear of the dark and the unknown. Fairgrounds are a place of both fun and excitement but also of shady people in the shadows. Young people coming and going as they please friendships growing apart and new ones starting in a continual loop. I think that the original picture which is the second picture fits in with my theme of destroy  because it shows the colours in the lights are slightly blurred, this shows that the camera was not stable enough when taking the picture, or the focus was slightly off. This can also be considered as destroyed

What worked well?

This picture has worked well because I have managed to make the colours and the people in the picture stand out more making a clean and sharper picture, the dark areas appear darker and the lights brighter.  This picture has also worked well because I have managed to change the colour balance changing the colours and the lighting so that the picture stands out.

How can I improve the picture?

I can improve the picture by making the colours and the picture lighter, this is so you can see more detail of what is going on in the picture


Original picture
bumper cars.jpg
Picture after colour experimentation using curves


How did I create this picture?

I created this picture using a digital camera I put the camera settings with the ISO at 400 shutter speed at 1/800 and the F stop at f/5.6. I edited the photograph in Photoshop so I could experiment and change the colour balance.

test CMYK biles.jpg
Original picture



Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 09.36.33
Picture after altered colour balance

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