Hypothetical Project

I plan to take a series of photographs that form a social commentary on how people are living today.

I will be taking pictures of people in the UK towns displaying the social and ethnic classes, upper, middle, and lower class.

I will focus on their life style, housing and habits, clothing, jewellery and accessories.  The photographs will be colour initially, I may convert the images to B&W if they have more impact and produce a more powerful image as B&W photographs.

I want to show how people from different classes mimic each other, and all very similar.

Planned shots include:

  • shots of the outside of their houses.
  • standing in family groups near the entrance of their house or next to their car.
  • full length portrait shots to show their ‘everyday’ clothes and jewellery
  • socialising eating out at a restaurant or pub
  • I would like to select 2 families from each social class, one family of UK ethnic background, and second family of UK white background.

For the shots from a height I could have tried to introduce a sense of movement, to mirror the act of falling or the feelings that you are about to fall.

Equipment I will require.

  • Agreement contract to photograph and publish pictures (especially if children are to be included in family shots)
  • Pemission agreements to photograph inside restaurant or pub from owners
  • An assistant to help set-up and transport equipment
  • Digital SLR
  • SD Memory cards
  • Tripod
  • Flash and flash slave units on tripods.
  • All clothing, make-up, etc to be provided by subjects





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