Liquify PhotoShop

Liquify is a tool and technique to manipulate the image.   The tool is used for shaping, retouching, and special effects

There are 3 main tools used when using liquefy:

  • Forward Warp – moves the image around so you can re-shape objects
  • Bloating – makes things swell or enlarge
  • Pucker –  makes things smaller or pinched

Other effects that change the shape of the image are possible such as Twirl, push left, mirror, turbulance (wave).

The effects are controlled by using the tool options, the brush size, density and pressure.

Make a copy background layer. Make amendments to the object or face using the tools.  The use of the liquefy tools can affect more than the intended object and the background can become distorted.  The use of layers referring back to the background layer can be used to put back an undistorted background.

How did I create this picture?

I created this picture in photoshop I used the liquify tool this was to enlarge and destroy parts of my face.  The tool is found by going on the tool bar then clicking on filter and then liquify or shourt cut Cmd+shift+X.

I enlarged the eyes and eyebrows, fattened the nose and lips.  I also plumped up my cheek.

How does this fit in with my theme?

This fits in with my theme of destroy, this is because my face has been manipulated and destroyed.


Photograph of Me
Photograph of Me – Before


destroy liquifyier.jpg
Photography of Me – After




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