Skin Smoothing Technique

Photoshop technique to smooth skin texture. Thereare many methods that one can change skin texture and smoothing.  This method I found works well.

  1. Copy background layer
  2. Background Copy Layer, Apply high pass Filter (Filter>Other>High Pass)
  3. Set the High Pass Radius 9-10.5
  4. Background Copy Layer, Apply Surface Blur Filter (Filter>Blur>Surface Blur)
  5. Set Radius 3-4.5, Threshold 15
  6. Invert Bacground Copy Layer Cmd+I or Ctrl+I
  7. Change blending mode from Normal to Linear Light
  8. Change the opacity from 100% to 55-60%
  9. Mask the Background Copy layer (Layer>Layer Mask>Apply) or click on the icon
  10. Click on the Foreground/Background colour and switch to bring black to the foreground.
  11. Click the Paint tin flood fill icon and click on te image to show original clear picture.
  12. Click on brush tool Cmd+B or Ctrl+B, size of brush 65-100, soft brush (less than 25)
  13. Click on Foreground/Background and switch to bring white to the foreground.
  14. Use the paint brush to soften and remove skin blemishes.
  15. Take care not to soften and blur eyes, nose or the lines that divide lips, hair like eye brows or eye lashes.
  16. To see where the masking tool has been applied hit \ backslash key. This inverts the selection.  If there was somewhere that you applied the masking in error.  You can unmask with the paint brush tool.
  17. If needed you can change the size to smooth larger areas, or small  areas around the eyes where you do not want to blur the eyes.
  18. Once Paintbrush work is completed, you can change the opacity from 55% and increase to 100% to get a smooth dolls face effect, or slide it down 30-60% to see more natural effects, and depending on what effects you want to create.
Wax doll smooth

Click to see full size smoothed image

Photograph of Me
Photograph of Me – untouched

Click here to see original untouched photograph

Softened, but kept natural skin texture

Click to see full size natural skin smoothed image

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