How did I create this picture?

I took these series of pictures using a digital camera, this is so I could change and adjust the shutter speed depending on the surrounding light. It also gave me a chance to see the pictures immediately after I took them.

I opened the photographs in Photoshop, this is so I could put all of the pictures together on one document and so I could change the colour saturation and make the black stronger and hih contrast where it was needed.Untitled-2.jpg

How does this fit in with your theme?

This fits in with my theme of fears, it  shows my fear of fire and what it can do. I tried to show the fire in different forms making the pictures more interesting and so show the power and what it can do.

What worked well?

I believe this picture has worked well because I have managed to capture various aspects of fire and it’s power and movement.  The explosion of  fireworks, flames of burning matchs, the fire movement leaving streaks of dancing sparks from where the fire moves through the sky.

How can I improve the pictures?

I can improve the firework pictures by using a more sensetive ISO light setting slightly plus a shorter exposure, this will ‘freeze’ the flames, and reduce the over bright points of light and allow more of the colours to come through in the pictures. I can also improve the pictures by focusing in more on some of the fireworks, this would make for an interesting photograph to focus in more on the action and detail of the firework explosion.

What does this picture make you feel?

This picture makes me feel relaxed and peaceful, this is because all of the soft lighting used in the pictures and the flowing lights leading you through each picture.

What does this picture make you think of?

This picture makes me think of the war and battles with the explosions of and the bright red in the firework, the harsh movements in the flames and explosions.  It is also calming the unsusal dynamic shapes and glows created.

How did I create this picture?

I created this picture using two of the photographs above (bright sparks and flames on a match.  I used Photoshop, I combined the two pictures using layers and changed the opacity to merge and create a new third composition.  I saved the new image to a new file.


The photographs I created I wanted to try and introduce similar elements of mystery and mood as photographs created by  Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke as part of their series of images called ‘Lightmark’.  Goepel and Warnecke use light painting techniques to create their mysterious photographs set in landscapes with the use of lights and props.

I created my photgraph by capturing the light of fireworks when they exploded and combined with the natural flickering flames and sparks from a fire.

Goepel and Warnecke create a sense of fear in the example below, photographed in a dark wood.  They conjour a fantasy, unearthly and mystical feel created by a variety of illuminated elements, the spots of light, the lines of light that are spouting from the light source in the grass, the glow on the grass around the base of the trees.

Lightmark No.15 Goepel and Warnecke  


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