studio equipment & health and safety

Health and Safety 

Make sure that no food and drink are taken into the studio.  This is to prevent food or drink being split destroying the equipment of giving you electric shocks from the wires.  Also food or drink on the floor could be a slip hazard.  There is a possibility that photgraphic chemicals might be in the studio, if so they could contaminate food and drinks.

Stick or tape all wires down that trail across the floor or feed into purpose designed cable safety rubber protectors.  This is to stop people tripping over the wires and hurting themselves.  Also to prevent damage and ware to the cables that will shorten the cables life.

Check all the equipment to be used is safe, no damaged leads, plugs are firmly pushed into sockets, the equipment works as designed to work.

Make sure all of the legs on tripods and light stands are pulled open to the maximum spaly to give the greatest stability.  This reduces the risk of equipment falling over on top of someone or damaging the equipment.

Make sure you give the studio lights plenty of time to cool down after use.  The ligts and the housings get very hot.  You don’t want to burn your fingers r pick something that is hot and ten drop it.  Hot lamps the filaments are also more fragile and prone to breaking if moved when still hot.

Make sure all unused equipment is put away before you start your shot to mimimise the equipment that could get in the way.  Make sure all bags, boxes and equipment trunks are moved to a safe area at the side of the room so there are no trip hazards.

Afte the shot put all the equipment that needs to be put back away is safely packed and stored in it’s correct place.

Make sure the doorways and exits are clear especially fire exits at all times.

If in doubt about any of the equipment or health and safety ask the technician or support staff for advice.

Studio equipment list


  • lights
  • light stands
  • light diffuser
  • light meter
  • variable cell power pack
  • power leads from lights to variable cell power pack, you might need more than one depending on how many lights you are using


  • reflector
  • back drop
  • props depending on what you are trying to photograph

digital SLR camera 

  • sync cable, you will connect this to the camera and the variable cell power pack
  • SD card
  • adapter for the sync cable, you might need this if the sink cable is to  big for the camera


Studio equipment identified and labelled

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