Rankin Destroy

John Rankin Waddell (1966 – ), known as Rankin.

Rankin “destroy” project was a charity fund raising project.  Rankin asked 70 musicians and visual artists to destroy their own portrait photographs originally taken by Rankin.

The series of portrait photographs were radically modified to destroy the image by their subjects.  The destroyed images are so strong that for the majority of images you can still recognise the individual.

The portraits were destroyed by a variety of methods. Cut up into strips and reassembled in different sequence, torn apart, stitched back together, drawn over their picture. ridden over and covered with tyre tracks, wrapped in bandages, scratched. Some have attempted to recreate their image with stylised drawing of the original photograph.


I have posted about my theme of destroy and Rankin on my blog

Rankin “destroy” Florence and the machine
Rankin “destroy” Debbie Harry
Rankin “destroy” Debbie Harry
Rankin “destroy” Michael Stipe
Rankin “destroy” Joe Strummer




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