4 Pictures that represent me


How did I create these photographs?

I took the pictures using my DSLR, using the same settings ISO-800, F stop F/5.6, Shutter speed 1/125 second.  I set my camera up on a tripod for stability and so I could focus the area I was planning to be posing when the camera took the photograph.  I had the assistance of someone else to press the shutter release.

How do these photographs represent me?

I have chosen these 4 photographs for my quadriptych to represent.  They were taken in the summer because they describe me well.  They all have a quality of innocence.

I love the warmth of the summer.  The large photograph of me I am looking skywards, I have a questioning expression on my face, I am wondering what I should be doing or day dreaming.

The top right picture I am looking away, not making eye contact, this represents my reserved nature and shyness. I look to be higher up in the tree to signify my head in the clouds.

The middle right picture I have my head down signifying I am trying hard, I always put the effort in, even if I do not fully understand what I am trying to do.

The bottom right picture I am not in full frame, this represents the fact that I do not always see the full picture or understand, even when I am looking straight at something.

What worked well?

The sense of light and summer, the pale tones.  The use of a large f/stop aperture to give a shallow depth of field so the distant backgrounds are out of sharp focus.  This means you focus on the face more.  The fact the 4 photographs were taken at the same time so that the lighting, surroundings and clothes did not change.

The composition of 4 photographs, 1 portrait and 3 landscape looks good, it gives a balance grouping, and better than trying to put the 4next to each other in a row.  I like the fact that I am looking up at myself in the large photo, and looking down on myself from the middle photo.

What could be improved?

The photographs look slight pale and over exposed.  I could have tried a slower ISO light sensitivity. Also the focus is not as sharp as I would like when examined close-up.  This was probably due tome trying to focus the camera where I thought I would be posing, then I would try and stand where I had pre-focused.

The framing of the bottom photograph, part of my face is out of frame, this cuts off my mouth and part of the right side of my face.

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