Warwick Arts Centre Visit

Visit to the Warwick Arts Centre, Warwick University, November 2015.

Art-Warwick-Leaflet Flyer that details the artists and the event.

Aim was to hear presentations from artists and photographers.  The speakers were:

Hannah Starkey – Photographer Hannah Starkey – Wikipedia

Untitled (1997) Hannah Starkey

Hannah Starkey is a British photographer who specializes in staged settings of women in city environments. I found her talk the most interesting and inspiring because photography is something I would like to continue to study and develop into a career.


DSCF0007I had taken a photograph for my Media Studies that follows in Starkey’s style. Women going about their everyday lives





Rosalind Wyatt – calligraphy http://www.rosalindwyatt.com/

Artist that studied calligraphy and fused the two creative art forms together also uses textiles in her work to create compositions.

David Mach  – Sculptor http://www.davidmach.com/

“‘Out Of Order’ by David Mach – geograph.org.uk – 1102588” by Walter Koscielniak. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Sculptor that uses many man-made objects and creates interesting sculptures. One of his famous sculptures I like is a sculpture in Kingston upon Thames.  It is a series of telephone boxes that have fallen on to their sides like a set of dominoes.



Roz Hall – Digital artist (iPads and surface computers) http://www.rozhall.com/
Hall uses consumer tech, such as the iPad and Surface PCs to create fusion artworks using graphic packages and personal and social media.

The artists discussed their career paths from the early studies through higher education to professional artists.

All the artists talked about their work and the creative process.  Their inspirations, how they developed ideas.  The approach they take when trying to work on concepts and ideas, from the initial stages, working the ideas up and to producing final pieces of work.

They talked about being commissioned for pieces of work and developing pieces of art for sale.  They also discussed areas of special interest such as Starkey discussing the need to use consent forms when photographing the public that becomes part of a work.

The one thing all stated was you need determination and drive to try and be successful in building a career in art.


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