Issues of concern Gillian Wearing




How did I create the picture?

I took the pictures on a digital camera, I made sure that I was shooting in raw format. This is so I could transfer the pictures onto the computer after I had finished taking the pictures. I opened the pictures in Photoshop to edit and change the lighting in some of the pictures.

How does this fit in with your theme of issues of concern?

This fits in with my theme of issues of concern. The individuals are holding their statement about how they feel or what is worrying them.   These statements show the name calling and stereotypes people say and about people even when they don’t know the person.

What has worked well?

I believe this has worked well this is because I have managed to copy the same idea and achieved a similar effect as Gillian Wearing. I also believe that this has worked well this is because I have managed to make some of the pictures look like they were taken in a studio with a white blank background.

How can I improve the pictures?

I could improve the pictures by using a faster shutter speed, this would stop the pictures from being over exposed and over glare, this would also make the writing on the signs stand out on the paper making it eraser to read. I could also improve the pictures by all of the people stand in the same place this would make backgrounds more consistent within the series of pictures. This would give a more overall proportional series of images.

How can I develop this idea further?

I could develop the idea taking more photographs with different people, from different ages, gender or ethnic backgrounds, ask them to write out on a large piece of paper their concerns or worries and photograph them with their permission.

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