Changing the background to replace with colour



How did I create this  picture?

  1. I took a self photograph of myself in the studio with a white sheet background. I set the camera to shoot in raw format, this would make the picture easier to manipulate in Photoshop later. I transfered the image file onto the computer and opened the picture in Photoshop.
  2. I used the healing brush tool- (quick key  J) – brush 19px, Hardness 100%, spacing 25%. I clicked on the foreground near to the marks on the foreground to ‘clone and blend’ the foreground and remove tape in the foregroud of the floor. I used this technique also to get rid of some of the dirt and blemishes on the background.
  3. I  used the magic wand tool (quick key  W) I clicked my body in the picture on the screen whilst holding down the shift key. This made a selection around the image of me in the center of the picture.  I pasted them as a new layer
  4. I  went on the quick mask tool (quck key Q), this was to get rid of the unwanted selections changing between the background and the collection by pressing the X key
  5. I  pressed cmd shift, this was to make the running ants selection to stop. at the center of the photo instead of the background.
  6. I altered the levels of the colours using Cmd+L or Ctrl+L and changed the hue to a purple background. The image of me were unaltered and retained the same colour tones.
  7. I refined the edges by selecting the image of me, clicking on refine selection tool I then went on Adjust edge, smooth 5, feather 0, contrast 0, shift edge 0


How does this fit in with my theme of equality?

This fits in with the theme of equality, it shows I can make changes to the background, make the change the colour of the backdrop, but the colour of the individual stays the same.

What worked well?

I believe this picture has worked well, this is because I have managed to remove the tape over the tear in the foreground of the picture and the small spots of mud on the background, this makes the picture look more positional I also believe this picture has worked well this is due to the background colour and how I have managed to change the colour without distorting the colour balance of the girl in the centre of the picture

How can I improve this picture?

I can improve this picture by changing some of the colour saturation in Photoshop, make the background colour brighter and richer this will make picture of me stand out more, making the picture more eye catching and easy to see.



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