issues of concern

how did i create these pictures?

i created these pictures using a digital camera, this meant that i could load the pictures on to the computer easy. After i opend the pictures on the computer I loaded them into photo shop, this meant that i could change the brightness of the pictures if kneaded and lay the pictures out on the same pace above each other.


what worked well?

i believe these pictures have worked well this is because i have managed to create a trick of the eye making you think that there is a lot of blue in all of the pictures when in actiall fact there inset. this picture has also worked well because


how can i improve the pictures?

i could improve these pictures by making the lighting in the pictures consistent with each other, this would give a consistent look and feel through the pictures. I could also improve the pictures by keeping the same distance away from the persons shoos.

how did the artiest work inspire you and how dose this fit in with your theme of

this artwork inspired me to capture the lonely ness of the people and he long walk they had to walk in the snow to there work in the factory.


this artists work inspired me to





influenced by Lowry Laurence Stephen 1887-19 lowry-laurence-stephen-1887-19-the-viaduct-1615348-500-500-1615348.jpg

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