Combining two photographs


How did I create the picture?

I took several pictures of the models in the studio using digital SLR. I identified 2 photographs that had elements I wanted to combine to make a new third image.

I transferred the photographs to the computer and opened them with Photoshop. I wanted the intense colours of photograph 1 plus framing of photography 1. The stance of the model in photograph 2 and the models poses in photograph 2.

I changed the colour levels (Cmd L) of photo 2 to the same as photo 1. I zoomed in on photo 1 (Z). Selected photo 1 (Cmd A), copied (Cmd C), clicked onto photo 2 and pasted photo 1 as a new layer. The image photo 1 and photo 2 needed to be aligned (Cmd T) I moved the layer of photo 1 taking care to align the structures such as the ladder rails so they are continuous.

The 3rd photo created has the improved framing, with increased space above the model standing. In the 3rd photo I used the clone brush and removed the tripod leg that appears near the bottom right hand side, also the black marks on the white floor.

What worked well?

I believe this picture has worked well this is because I have created the effects I wanted rich colours, improved the framing and removed the unwanted distractions.

How can I improve the picture?

I could crop the picture to remove some of the foreground, this would make the viewer closer and more involved and part of the image.

How does this fit in with your theme of issues of concern?

The concern is the power of photographic manipulation, the fact that 2 images can be carefully combined to make a new third image that never existed.



start photo 1


Start photo 2


Final combined image



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