influenced by song lyrics issues of concern


i wish id never gorw up .jpghow did i create this picture?

I created this picture using a digital camera, this meant that i could load my pictures onto the computer easy. once I loaded my picture onto the computer i opened them in photoshop. This is so I could change the pictures from colour to black and white easy. I did this in photoshop by going into image adjustments black and white (shortcut alt shift cmd B). After I made the pictures black and white I played the images out in the same document. to get the pictures in the same document I clicked on select i then dropped down to were it said all  (cmd A) i then pressed  edit copy (cmd D). I then went into the new page and pressed edit past (cmd V). i then repeated this for each of the pictures. i then pressed edit free transform (cmd T shift) this lets change there size of the picture and were it goes on the page. I then added text onto the page by clicking on the tool with the large T on it. I tied to base the pictures around the quote on the picture as this was to see how song lyrics can influence my work. i git the song lyric form the song don’t you ever grow up by taller swift.

what worked well?

i believe this picture has worked well this is because i have managed to make the pictures black and white, this was to give off the affect as if the person in the picture is frozen in time “I don’t wanna grow up, wish I’d never grown up”. these pictures have also worked well because i have managed to use

how can i improve the pictures?

i can improve the pictures by making some of the pictures brighter, this would make one of the pictures stand out more making it easer to see. i can do this by changing the shutter speed on the camera to a faster shutter. i can also improve the pictures by

how dose this fit in with my theme of issues of concern?

This fits in with my theme of issued of concern, this is because it shows the

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