test shots for idea 2

Development of ideas

I continued to consider the theme of concern and abandoned and neglected places.

This is how I have progressed my ideas from surrealism, to “forgotten places”, from small model people under the bed to industrial images of neglect and empty spaces.

I wanted to take pictures of places of forgotten places, places that are ignored, taken for granted, no one pays any attention to.

Forgotten places also fits in with my theme of issues of concern. These photographs I wanted to change the way people look or think and see mundane spaces. Often people overlook or ignore everyday places or objects and they become neglected.

Test pieces and trial locations

For my series of test locations and subjects I used a multistory car park, old abandoned Victorian school buildings that are no longer used. Derelict warehouse buildings that are empty and partially torn down and abandoned. Supermarket car park and shopping trolley park after the store had closed.

These images of forgotten places and everyday objects I believe also have the documentary style that is found in the photographs of William Eggleston and Alec Soth, two photographers that I really admire for their work.

I took a series of test shots in a variety of neglected buildings, looking for dramatic and atmospheric sorry and soulful empty spaces. Taking photographs on different days and at different times of the day to explore the lighting and the atmosphere.

Experimentation of techniques and media

The photographs were all taken using the light available, I did not want to introduce bright stark flash and the harsh shadows that they would introduce. Using both digital SLR and 35mm SLR with B&W film. With the DSLR I took many test shots using a new creative lens ‘Spark’ Lensbaby that allows to take photographs focusing on specific areas and other areas of the photograph are deliberately blurred and out of focus.


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