creating different lighting and affects using reflectors


ISO-400, F-stop f/11, Shutter speed 1/125 second,  focal length 55mm

This series of four photographs I have used two types of reflectors, black and silver and a diffuser to show the effect these can have to illuminate a model.

Photograph 1 A black reflector was used.  A black reflector is an anti-reflector.  The use of the black reflector is to create and cast a shadow on certain areas of the subject.  For example, if the lights are producing too even a light on the model’s face, the black side of the reflector can cut out the light on one side to create more artistic shadows.

Photograph 2  The diffuser was used to reduce the strength of the light striking the models face.  It is not intended to create shadows, but to generate a more even light and reduce the effects of strong lighting such as strong contrasts between bright highlights and shadows.

Photograph 3 The silver reflector was placed low and to the right of the model’s face to bounce light back up to the models face.  It gives strong lighting to the opposite side of the face from the sun, so that the side of the face and neck that would be in shadow also have highlights showing.  The areas around the eyes are still in shadow to give contrast.  This could have been reduced if the reflector had been positioned further round to throw light more directly straight on to the face of the model.

Photograph 4. The silver reflector was positioned not as low to illuminate under the face, but angled to bounce light straight at and only slightly to the side of the models right side of their face.  This produced a more even overall lighting effect to the right side of the face.  The extreme left side and forehead are highly lit by the strong sunlight.


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