Emmi Outside


How did I create this picture?

I created this picture using a medium format film roll camera. I took the picture with the model sat on the wooden railing inside the Quadrangle at College.

I used a only natural light, I positioned myself below the model looking up towards the model.

Once I took the picture I developed the negative film using developer, stopper and fix in the darkroom. I then hung the film up to dry in the dryer.

Once the film was dry I put it in the negative holder in the enlarger. I then exposed the photographic paper for 3 seconds based on experience from previous test strips for similar exposures. The print was developed using developer, stopper and fix.

How can I improve the picture?

I could take into account the various lines that cross the through the composition. The camera was positioned so the horizontal was aligned with the grass that cuts mid-way across the photograph. On studying the final print this could have been raised slightly on the right hand side this would have increased the zig-zag lines across the photograph made by the building rooftop, the lines of the windows, the footpath and the wooden rail that the model is sitting on. The verticals of the lamps and windows would be vertical, and not at the slight angle as they appear in this print.

What worked well in the picture?

The exposure, tones and contrast combined with good lighting, the dark clothes of the model stand out from the pale walls of the building and grass. The depth of field used shows clearly where the model is sitting, but the background is not the obvious main subject of the photograph. The lines created across the photograph are all intersected by the model, drawing the eyes attention to the model, the main subject of the photograph.

The pose of the model with her hands clasped together in her lap, arms and shoulders close to her body compliment the pensive expression on the models face.

The lighting to the models face, there are highlights to the models left side that clearly defines the face, eyes, nose and mouth.

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