Inga looking bored


How did I create this picture?

I created this picture using a medium format film roll camera. I staged the photograph of the model near the wall. The aim of using the wall was to remove distracting elements and features that could appear in the background.

I used a light reflector to bounce the light under the models face making her face and body appear brighter so that they stand out and are clearly the main subject of the picture.

Once I took the picture I developed the film using developer, stopper and fix in the darkroom. I then hung the film negative in the dryer. Once the film was dry I put it in the negative holder in the enlarger, focused the image in the enlarger. I exposed the photographic paper for 3 seconds based on the experience of previous test strips and developed the print using developer, stopper and fix. 

What worked well?

 This photograph worked well, I have managed to create effective lighting on the face and body. The reflector was positioned so that the over cast shadows under the models chin were lightened, making it and easier to see the facial features.

Inga is wearing dark clothes and the background is also dark, there is a blending of her body to the background, this has emphasised the head, neck and V-shape of her top.

How can I improve this picture?

The photograph I have the reflector caught in the frame. I can improve this picture by making sure that the reflector doesn’t appear in the picture, either by zooming in more on Inga, or careful enlarging and cropping of the final print.

Inga is standing close to the wall, but there are still items visible in the background. The shallow depth of field has deliberately blurred them so the viewer does not focus on the items in the background.

The camera was positioned low, and is looking slightly up towards Inga’s face, because Inga is not standing immediately in front of the wall, there is a line that runs just across the top of Inga’s head where the wall and ceiling join. If I had raised the camera higher or Inga was positioned closer to the wall, this line would not have been present. This line can be a distracting element in the picture.

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