Sebastiao Salgado

Brazilian born in 1944.  He takes photographs of people struggling to survive or people in desperate situations as well as tranquil images of people going about their daily lives such as fishing.


WORKERS Serra Pelada State of Para Brazil 1986


Alto Xingu Indians, 2005


WORKERS Greater Burhan Oil Field Kuwait 1991

The stories of the photographs without the title, the viewer can make their own story what could be happening.

The top photograph looking down on a mine with loads of people working like ants.  It looks like a scene from a film.  What are they mining, are they under slavery, is there going to be a disaster, will the sides of the mine collapse on the workers.

The middle photograph is dreamy with the mist rising from the water.  Are they going home or starting out on the day?  Are they going fishing or traveling down the river on a journey of adventure.

The bottom photograph looks like people from another planet.  The clothes all covered soaked in oil the workers look like astronauts from a 1950s film.

Web sites where more inforation and biography of the photographer can be found.  Examples of his work are also on these web sites.

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