Evaluation of Final Piece – Flick Book


How did I create the series of pictures?

I created all of my pictures using a digital SLR camera. The photographs were taken in RAW format, I used the available light, not flash, ISO-400, exposure 1/60 second, F-Stops varied between f/5.6 – f/3.5, the focal length varied quite a lot depending how close or far away I was from the subject. The RAW format gave me the opportunity to edit the pictures using Photoshop. Once I opened the pictures in Photoshop I changed the brightness and contrast of the pictures so that they all had similar lighting levels, this was adjusted individually by my judgement.   This made the pictures stand out in the photograph.

What worked well?

I believe this has worked well this is because I have concentrated on the construction of one item in the exhibition, the series of photographs tell the story of how it was created. The large number of photographs I took shows the development of the art installation and when viewed in the flick book, the pages can be flicked through quickly to show speeded up how the manikin was built, dressed and the application of paint made. The viewer can decide what the message of the art installation is about in just the same way as if they had viewed the manikin at the exhibition.

There is additional movement created because I have taken some of the shots from different positions and viewpoints. The flick book provides a documentary of the display plus where it fitted in the wider exhibition.

I also believe this final piece has worked well because I have managed to create a new and different way to display my work. This makes the pictures more interactive to look at making you more involved in the pictures as an observer.

How can I improve the picture?

I can improve my final piece by making sure that the glue doesn’t get on the front of the pictures or squeeze out of the side so that pages do not unintentionally get stuck together. I can also improve my final piece by making sure that the photographs on each page is straight and aligned with the previous and next pages in the book. I would use next time a slightly larger book so that it is easier to flick through the images.

Did I have to change any of my original ideas?

This was one of my original ideas that I stuck with. I did not change any of my original ideas for my final piece, this is because I was happy with the end results and the pictures I ended up with. I also believe that my original idea was effective and it interacted with the viewer.

Did it fit in with the original theme?

I believe the final piece provides a documentary of the exhibition as a story of the End of Year show. I also had to experiment thinking of several ideas that I could develop and decide once I had reviewed all my photographs which set of images and presentation format would best represent the show.

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