Final Piece and development of Ideas

Ideas for the narrative for the final piece

I went to the exhibition with an idea of what I wanted to photograph. While I was attending the exhibition I had to be flexible and look for other opportunities to try develop and adapt some further ideas so that I had more choice of material to present as my final piece.

I used a digital SLR camera to shoot the photographs in colour. I used only available lighting, no flash or studio lights.

First idea.

The setting up of the exhibition space, taking shots from a single place, to show people coming and going, setting up their work. The room how it changes as more exhibits are displayed, the art appearing on the wall, the installations being built. The hope to have a sequence of still photographs that would build in the same way as time-lapse photography.

Second idea

I took many shots of an installation being assembled and developed. The idea for this again was a series of photographs that would create a photo-diary or time sequence of photographs that follows the creation and development of the installation. The people involved in creating their art displays.

Third idea

To take photographs of elements of the exhibition from unusual angles, to try and give an alternative story from the traditional documentary approach. To present a collection of images that are centered on the exhibition that tell a story of the art works themselves, how they are constructed.

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