Narrative photographs and photographers

The works of these narrative photographers have in common is many photographs of people doing something.  They may be people doing something unusal in a common situation or people doing something everyday in unsual situation.  These situations may be struggling against other people at war, struggling to survive because of adverse conditions. Also people doing something unexpected in a place or situation such as playing in a war zone. The photographs show the look on individuals’ faces, or their body language tells clearly what they are thinking.

It is the human interest, human emotions that you as a viewer can recognise and connect with, the things they have done, doing or about to do that tells the story. The photographs are not ‘manufactured’ in the dark room or post processed with Photoshop to introduce something that was not there in the original frame.

The  subject matter is candid spontaneous photographs, usually the subjects are totally unaware of the camera or the  photographer is present.  In a few pictures the subject appear to be aware of the camera and looking straight down the lens, making eye contact with the viewer and photographer.


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