Ideas about Presentation, style and formats

After I had taken my photographs I would decide which collection of images, ideas and format of presenting the photographs would work best.

Display on a board

Ideas for final piece the layout on board.

a) using Velcro tabs to attach the photographs to the board. The viewer can then interact with the photographs, detach, change the sequence of events to tell their own story.

The down side of this idea is that after the viewer has finished, the board will not be reset to the original state. The photographs will become damaged, bent, marked or lost by people handling them.

b) attach the photographs to mounting board so that they can be easily viewed. The layout in sequence so that they can be read like a book from left to right, and work down the page. Attaching a second set of photographs prints in a wallet to the board, the viewer can pick up and handle the prints, lay them down on a table, the photographs are something physical, tactile that they can touch.

The down side of this idea is that the photographs in the wallet will become damaged, bent, marked or even lost by people handling them.  The display on a board takes up a large space and is not easily transportable.

Flip book

Create a flip book that sequenced the events during the setting up of the exhibition. This would show someone setting up their work over a series of time showing the different stages involved in the process, from setting up and creating their work to the finished product in the gallery      The photographs in the book can be flicked through quickly to create a moving image of the setting up of the exhibition, or the viewer can take their time to study more closely the photograph. It gives the viewer more choice and some fun when looking at the collection of images. I thought that this would be a good idea because it shows an interesting way to display my work making the observer more engaged and interactive with the work. This also helps to show the development behind getting the work ready for the gallery from start to finish.


Image 6 de:Technische Sammlungen der Stadt Dresden Source Wkipedia

The down side of this is that photographs may get bent or damaged when flicked through, but it is less likely that the photographs will be lost.


Concertina Book

The photographs displayed in a concertina book. Possibly to show the timeline or views and images as the exhibition is built. I created my concertina book with photographic elements of the exhibition.ConcertinaBook



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