Digital Format Plate photographs

The photographs were

The photographs were taken with a large format plate camera. The image is focused on to the ground glass plate. The fine focus is achieved by using a loupe eye piece as a magnifying glass on the plate glass. This enables you to see how good the focus is, and if necessary can be adjusted.   While doing this a black out hood is placed over my head and the camera to block out light from the side so I can get a better view of the projected image on the glass.

Once I am satisfied with the focus I slide the unexposed large negative plate in the film holder into the camera. Close the shutter of the lens, pull back the lightproof slide so that when the shutter is released the image will be exposed to the negative.

I release the shutter, then push the lightproof slide back across the film holder to stop the negative from being exposed any further.

The large negative in the protective case is taken to the darkroom, removed from the negative case and developed in developer, stopper and fixer.

Making a Digital from a large format negative.

The negative once developed and dried is placed on the large scanner. The negative is scanned using the Epson Perfection scanner settings that will capture the greatest detail as high as possible 3200 dpi x 3200 dpi, and the image stored as a TIFF image file and on to the Apple computer.

The images were then manipulated in Photoshop, the brightness and contrasts were adjusted and converted to Black and white from the sepia of the negatives.



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