How did I create this picture?

I used a large format camera to take the pictures. I then developed the film from the camera using developer stopper and fix, this was followed by a cold-water wash to remove any residual chemicals. The film was hung up to dry.

Once the film negative was dry I put it in the enlarger, so I could project the film on to the photographic paper. Before the photographic paper was put in place under the enlarger I made sure that the enlarger was in focus and projected a sharp image from the negative. I placed my photographic paper under the enlarger and turned the enlarger lamp for two seconds, I then developed the picture using developer stopper and fix. This was also followed by a cold-water wash to get rid of all the chemicals from the paper.

What has worked well?

I believe this picture has worked well; this is because I have framed the person in the picture well on the photographic paper making sure that there is enough room for all of the models body, nothings is unintentionally being cut or cropped such as head, arms or feet.

This picture has also worked well because I have managed to create a blurry effect of motion on the upper part of the models body. This was created by the model moving the top half of the body and swift movement of the hand over the face, keeping the rest of their body still whilst taking the photo. I think this affect looks good because it introduces movement into a still portrait and interesting to a traditional portrait.

How can I improve the picture?

There is a finger mark on the print, I believe I can improve this picture by making sure that I don’t touch the photographic paper whilst it is still wet as this will leave fingerprints and marks on the picture. The picture could be improved by making sure that there are no pen marks on the picture. I can do this by making sure that the pens have their lids on or are well away from the picture.

How dose this fit in with Julia Margret Cameron’s work?

This fits in with Julia Margret Cameron’s work because I have used similar large format camera methods, slow exposures that she used to take and develop the picture. The photograph is monochrome similar to Cameron, the subject matter is portraits of people, which is the same topic that she extensively followed.

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