How did I create this picture?

I created this picture using a large format camera. The film was loaded on to the film holder in a dark cupboard, this was to stop the light from exposing and destroying the film. Once I loaded the film I took the pictures. I set the camera on a tripod this is was to ensure the camera was stable and I wouldn’t experience camera shake.

I created the ghostly/blurry affect by getting the model to move whilst I was taking the picture this was to test out the different effects I can create with the camera.

I developed the film negative using developer stopper and fix. I then washed the film negative to get rid of some of the remaining chemicals on the film.

Once the negative film was dry I loaded the film into the negative holder in the enlarger. I then turned on the enlarger and focused the picture on to the baseplate. I then turned the enlarger off and placed the photographic paper under the enlarger with the shiny side up. I turned the enlarger on and exposed the image for two seconds. I developed the photographic paper using the developer stopper and fix. This was also followed by a cold-water wash to remove the remainder of the chemicals.

What worked well?

 I believe this picture has worked well this is because I have managed to create an interesting effect. I have managed to capture movement in the picture creating a supernatural look and sea like waves effect with the jumper.

How can I improve the picture?

 I can improve this picture by placing the photographic paper in a better position under the enlarger, moving the photographic paper further up and to the left so the model’s head will be in the picture and in frame the model’s body more central on the photographic paper.

How dose this fit in with Julia Margret Cameron’s work?

 This is a similar work to that of Julia Margret Cameron, I have used the same topic matter and theme of portraiture, and this also fits in with her work and techniques; large format camera with large negatives, but not as large as the 10×12 inch plate negatives used by Cameron. Similar black and white pictures created dark room techniques.

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