Polo Exploration – Eye spied through the hole.

How did I create this picture?

I created this picture outside in natural day light, this is so that I could capture some of the surrounding trees and nature creating an interesting background. The full daylight also gave me better lighting for the picture. I got someone to stand in the middle of the picture with their eyes looking straight at the camera. I then framed the persons head with a Polo mint by holding the mint and focusing on the head. From a far this made the persons head look small compared to the polo mint surrounding her face.

What worked well?

Framing of the person worked well, this is because I have managed to frame the person in the polo mint with their eye looking straight at the camera. The bright hair is still visible surrounding the polo making an eye catching element with the blue hair against the white polo mint.

How can I improve the picture? 

A smaller aperture would make both the girl and the polo mint in focus. I could have tried sticking the Polo mint to a stick or stirrer attached to a tripod to hold the Polo perfectly still, close down the aperture very small to increase the depth of field and take a longer exposure.

How does this fit in with your theme of surrealism

This fits in with my theme of surrealism because playing with perspective is a common theme used by surrealists to make the viewer question what is real or what is not.


How can I develop this idea further?

I could develop this idea further by using different items to look through. I could experiment with a ring, possibly with a gem stone that would add colour and sparkle. I could try using a magnifying glass, this would have a distortion effect. I could shoot through the centre of a CD disc, the reflections and refraction caused by the CD adding interest. I could also experiment with holding a ring doughnut and shoot through the centre of the doughnut.


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