fashion photographers

Annie Leibovitz

Leibovitz is an American photographer. She began her career when she was still a student in the 1970’s working for Rolling Stone magazines.  In 1983 she started working for Vanity Fair receiving several awards such as the International Center of Photography Lifetime Achievement Award and American Society of Magazine Editor’s first Creative Excellence Award. Leibovitz has received a variety of awards over the years. Her passion for the magnificent beauty of nature and everything around her including the living energy of place and emotion of land allow her to capture the most amazing portrait and fashion photographs.

What do I like about this picture?

I like this picture because of the composition and how the model in the picture is wearing the same colours that match here surroundings almost making here look like she is in camouflage hiding in the surroundings. I also like this picture because the train of the dress has been draped to appear like a mermaid’s tail.


Richard Avedon

 (1923 – 2004)

Richard Avedon was an American fashion and portrait photographer, known for capturing emotion and personality in his images. he wokked for Vogue over the years he shot a total of 148 front covers for the magazine. one of his legendary fashion editor’s Diana Vreeland’s staff photographers, bringing her visions to life by shooting imaginative and exotic fashion stories for her around the world.

Why do I like this picture?

I like this picture because the model is trying to copy what the elephants are doing, the models hands are posed trying to look like the elephants trunck like the elephants,  The models posture is making her stand tall and look proud so she can be seen from a far and the dress is sculured by the models body like a classiac statue.

I also like this picture because of the comical composition.

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